Monday, May 18, 2009

Tylenol "Convenience Cups"

Hello Internets,

This is unspeakably trivial and unspeakably stupid.

I was unspeakably confused by it.

The other day I was out to dinner with some friends. We were having a grand old time, but one of them suddenly developed a headache. Luckily, they had a Tylenol 1-pack.

First of all, I don't know why they're called 1-packs if they come with 2 caplets. But whatever, that wasn't the part that confused me.

It came with a tiny paper pouch, no taller than a stack of about ten quarters. It said, "Convenience Cup" and it had a picture of a water droplet. It was meant to be a way to drink some water to help swallow the Tylenol. A good idea in theory, but let's look at all the problems.

It's paper. You can't have a paper cup. You just can't.

I simply cannot imagine a situation where drinking out of that would be more convenient than drinking out of wherever you got the water. And, if you were getting the water from somewhere, you wouldn't need that shitty paper cup! The real issue with this "cup" lies with the fact that there is no way you could get water into it, without taking it from something much more suited to drink out of than the "cup"! I mean, where are you getting the water to put in it? A drinking fountain? Why not just drink out of the fountain?

The only way I can imagine this being convenient was if it came with water inside it already. It's like saying, "Have some water," without giving you any. Yeah, how bout adding water? And how bout you do that?

Perhaps if it was raining, you could hold the "cup" up to the sky until it was full, but that would take too long.

These are the thoughts I actually have in my brain.

With all due respect,


  1. Because not everyone drinks from fountains?

  2. Who would prefer to drink out of that rather than a fountain?