Monday, June 1, 2009

The Best TV Ever

Hello internet.

I am a movie guy. Not a TV guy. Therefore, I don't watch a lot.
The following is a list of the only TV shows worth your time.

1) Arrested Development
This is the number one best TV show of all time.

2) L O S T
Only a year until I can go back to living my own life.

3) The Office
Both versions. I prefer the American.

4) Extras
Ricky Gervais might be the funniest man of all time.

5) Chuck
If you watch the first season, and move on to the second this show is so beyond awesome. The first season goes slow, and has no real direction, but the second kicks a considerable amount of heineker.

6) Firefly.
Why did FOX have to cancel two of the best shows ever?

7) Castle
This show is about Nathan Fillion being lovable.

8) Dollhouse
Not the best ever, but fun. Wait til you get to Alan Tudyk's episodes. Weeee.

I hope you took notes.

With all due respect,

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