Monday, September 7, 2009

The Real Ghostbusters

Hey Webterverse.

Sorry about the delay in my ramblings. I've been rather busy of late, and all of my internal mind gushings have been put on hold. BUT, here's a story to make up for that.

So I was walking down to In-N-Out in Daly City, and I passed The Hampton Inn. Parked in front was a rather large truck that said Everyday Paranormal on the back.
That's interesting, I thought.
Then I got to see the side of the truck.
And I had to take a picture.

In case you can't read (in which case I have no idea how you've gotten this far into the post, and you have no business being anywhere near this blog) it says, "Ghost Lab".


That's right, I investigated. I went on their website. These guys take themselves totally seriously.

Now, here's the best part about the story. It's not the fact that it exists, no, but the fact that a hotel might have called these guys to come and investigate. Looks like The Hampton Inn got a case of the spooks!

That is just too hilarious.

With all due respect,


  1. Thanks for noticing the "Ghost Lab" trailer and doing your own investigating. Just wanted to set the record straight and ensure that people don't get the wrong impression of us. We actually do take our investigating seriously, so seriously that the Discovery Channel hired us to investigate locations with paranormal activity throughout the country and Alcatraz was on the list.

    Unfortunately Alcatraz doesn't have a Hampton Inn so we chose the one in Daly City, not because it was haunted, but because we needed a pillow to sleep on. The Discovery Channel hired Everyday Paranormal to investigate these locations because of our approach and the different methods we use, different from how the other Ghost Shows do theirs (think Discovery).

    And if you'd like to blog this information, please spread the word, "Ghost Lab" will air it's first episode on Oct. 6 on the Discovery Channel.


  2. Wow.

    Haha, thanks for the direct response guys!

    I saw the trailer and was very curious. Let the record show these guys are the real deal!

    Good luck with the Case of the Alcatraz Spooks!